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Rose Doyle. ©  Rose Doyle

Angry, MGH heart patient challenged process   "Not a week after Rose Doyle's heart problems landed her in Massachusetts General Hospital in November 2006, the hospital's attorney went to Suffolk Probate Court with a petition asking the court to declare Doyle mentally ill and to appoint a guardian to make all her decisions for her..."

Dawn Cromwell (Photo not available)


Courts Strip Elders of their Independence  "Dawn Cromwell dares not leave her building. If she tried, a device girding her ankle would sound an alarm. For over a year, she has had to use store-bought reading glasses because her pleas for a prescription pair have gone for naught. She is given medications, but, she says, no one will tell her what they are."

An Alarming Story about Extreme Elder Abuse

Old, Sick, and Unbefriended
"On Sunday, the Globe reported on the grim world of ‘unbefriended elders’ - seniors who, after seeking medical treatment, are deemed too addled to make their own decisions but have no relatives to advocate for them. They are dished out to guardians without benefit of sound medical documentation or legal representation. Judges push through about 300 such cases a year on the advice of doctors in hospitals or nursing homes..."

Currently, there is an emergency regarding the reauthorization of Futile Care Law in Texas. Those involved are attempting to block legislation that requires hospitals to continue treating sick or dying patients.

This Law will be considered again in 2009.

For more details
Texas Patient's Rights
Futile Care Law in Texas

Photo credit: © 2008.   Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark Loses Fight For Life

Family Stories   "Testimony by Lanore Dixon, sister and guardian of Andrea Clark, who was a victim of the Texas Advance Directives Act of 1999, at a Houston facility. "To understand how badly the Texas Futile Care Statute failed my sister Andrea Clark and our family, allow me to share a little about Andrea..."

SAFE says, VOTE!

As the primaries preceding the naming of presidential nominees continues, SAFE wants to remind the disabled community and all those concerned with disability issues to vote.

Call your favorite candidate(s) and ask their assistants what their positions are on euthanasia, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, funding for special education, building accessibility, and other issues.

Only when we make our voices heard will we be able to protect and advance the lives of people with disabilities.

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Lauren Marie Richardson
Richardson © 2008

Samuel Golubchuk © 2008

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What's New

Say No to Dr. Death

Jack Kevorkian. Photo by Richard Sheinwald.
Jack Kevorkian. Photo © by Richard Sheinwald.

"After his release from prison on June 1 for ‘good behavior,’ Jack Kevorkian, a.k.a. Dr. Death, resumed his promotion of assisted suicide as a humane conclusion for the terminally ill. He told Larry King that he felt it was important to speak to young people in high school and college about these issues... read more


Kevorkian Plans Congressional Run

"Dying" Kevorkian to Run for Congress - Will Media Treat Him Like a Candidate or as a Sideshow?

Current political issues:

Feb 27, 2008: Obama Disappoints with Simplistic Schiavo Comments

MSNBC Politics (main page)

CNN Politics (main page)

Samuel Golubchuk. Photo credit: © 2008.  Samuel Golubchuk


In violation of his and his family's wishes, a hospital in Winnipeg, Canada, is attempting to force an elderly man and his family to discontinue medical care in the form of a feeding tube and a ventilator.

Read more
Samuel Golubchuk Website

2008 blog

2007 blog

Health 'voucher' for NHS patients. March 30, 2008: Tens of thousands of NHS patients will be given money to pay for their own health care in a controversial 'voucher' scheme under new government plans..."

No diseases for old men Peter Singer. "Pneumonia used to be called 'the old man's friend' because it often brought a fairly swift and painless end to a life that was already of poor quality, and would otherwise have continued to decline. Now a study of severely demented patients in Boston area nursing homes shows that the 'friend' is often being fought with antibiotics..."

Online poll
To vote now click here.
The Canadian Centre for Policy Studies currently has a poll on its front page asking who should decide cases of life and death.

In Canada, the Schiavo case with an outrageous twist
Read the full story
"An elderly Orthodox Jew is on life support. His children have adamantly opposed his removal from the ventilator and feeding tube, on the grounds that Jewish law expressly forbids any action designed to shorten life..."

How to help Sam Golubchuk
Sign a petition!
"We the undersigned demand that the Winnipeg Grace Hospital immediately cease its taxpayer-funded court case against the family of Sam Golubchuk and continue providing treatment for Sam according to their wishes and instructions."

Lauren Marie Richardson. Photo credit: Richardson © 2008.  Lauren Marie Richardson


Court Ruling Supports Removal

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